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Albatros Audio

Albatros Audio has been designing and building small audio equipment for more than 20 years. We first specialised in audio distribution amplifiers for media commonly referred as a press box.
We now offer a professional package with a value that is above all expectations.

Albatros has developed these products in response to the strong demand from professionals who wanted their spokesperson not to have many microphones in front of him while speaking to an audience.

Following the success of the DISTRO Series, Albatros Audio has developed the PH9 Series of headphone Amp.
Our design is unique and not available elsewhere.
Check it out for yourself.

We are small enought to give personalized service, large enought to cater to your need. Flexibility is our strenght.

More projects and designs are coming up.

Thank you for choosing ALBATROS AUDIO

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  Robert Zakrzewski
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