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The audio distribution amplifier is designed so that the media could capture the sound from a spokesperson at a podium or any source of line/mic level. This way there is no several microphones in front of him.

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Line Input / Mic input

1 line input:

· Connector type XLR + Banana
· Line level (max: +20db)
· Impedance 10k ohms
· Gain adjustable
· Pin 1 Lift

1 Mic Input:

· Connector type XLR
· Gain ajustable 20 to 60 db
· Switch for 20 db pad
· Switch for phantom P.S. (15 V)
· Built-in compressors/limiter (adjustable)

28 Outputs

· 16 connectors type XLR
· 4 connectors type Banana
· 4 connectors jack 1/8 stereo
· 4 connectors type RCA
· Impedance 600 ohms

· Pin1 Lift on each output
except RCA and Banana
Level switch:
· line + 4db
· mic - 50db

Maximum: output level: +20 db

· adjustable
· connector jack 1/4 stereo
Other characteristics:
VU meter analog and 10 LED Bargraph  
Frequency response: 20-20 kHz +/- 1db  
Selector for Mic/Line input  
Tone oscillator 700HZ (switch ON/OFF) + control level
Note : this switch disables the MIC or LINE inputs. Turn down Master level before switching on the tone generator.
16 gage steel cabinet  
Dimensions: Rack mount 5U X 14inch deep  
Weight: 10 LB / 5 Kg  
Univeral Switching Power supply (90-240 Volts AC 47-64 hertz)  
Standard IEC type for AC Line input module with fuse  
CSA approved  
1 year warranty (components and labor)  

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