IF-COM R2    
  front view
  back view


· Complete intercom station single channel
· Compatible to most intercom system
· RACK MOUNT 1 space

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· This interface will provide audio output signal from intercom system
· Level control will adjust the output signal from line to MIC
· Ground Lift to cut off ground from audio path to console input
· LED to monitor VCC from COM supply
· Bright flashing LED for CALL-LIGHT (Front panel)
· AC outlet will provide power for utility lamp via a relay activated by CALL signal


· AC inlet 110volts IEC ( provide power to AC outlet only, no internal P.S.)
· AC outlet control via a relay
· Balanced XLR Audio output (Transformer isolated)
· Level control to adjust the output from line to MIC
·CALL-LIGHT: flashing external AC utility, via relay
· Switch to select the relay position:
  N.O. : Normally Open:
  The AC outlet is OFF. The connected light will be turning ON / OFF flashing when the   CALL signal is activated
  N.C. : Normally Closed
  The AC outlet is ON. The connected light will be turning OFF / ON flashing when the   CALL signal is activated


· XLR 4 M CONNECTOR for standard inter-com headset
· Switch for MIC ON/OFF
· The action of this switch will turn ON the microphone of the headset and   will DIM the output level of the speaker by 10db.
· Call-light: flashing large LED amber
· Level control for headset
· Level control for internal speaker
· Inter-com XLR output for easy access looping other stations
· Switch for SPEAKER ON\OFF
· Internal Speaker

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